Aldford & Saighton Parish Council – Districts

On the 1st April 2015 the former parishes of Aldford, Buerton, Churton Heath, Lea Newbold and Saighton were amalgamated to form ‘The Parish Council of Aldford and Saighton’.


Part of the Duke of Westminster’s Eaton Estate, the picturesque village of Aldford contains a number of listed properties, including the Grade II listed St John’s Church and the Grosvenor Arms public house – the design of both of these structures is attributed to the renowned local architect, John Douglas. Although the majority of Aldford’s dwellings date from the mid-nineteenth century – when many residents worked for the Grosvenor Estate – the foundations of a twelfth century motte and bailey castle, are still visible near St John’s Church. The village name is also believed to originate from a medieval ford that spanned the nearby River Dee. The following link provides a brief, but very interesting, historical and archaeological perspective of the village: Click Here…


Saighton’s present day name originates from its historic title of ‘Salh’ (Anglian for a willow-tree) and ‘Tun’ (Old English for an enclosure, farmstead or village). The settlement is believed to predate the Norman Conquest and is mentioned as Saltone in the Doomsday Book.  Owned by the Eaton Estate, the village is classed as a conservation area with many of its properties retaining their original rural aesthetic features. Also home to a number of listed structures including the Grade 1 listed Saighton Grange, now the Abbey Gate College. Further information on the history and village amenities can be found via the following link: Click here…

Map shows the areas of Bruera, Churton Heath, Lea Newbold and the villages of Aldford and Saighton.